General FAQ

FAQ for chatbot users

How do I start a new shopping conversation?

Click the Messenger menu (in the bottom) and click "go shopping".

Can I buy for someone else?

Of course. Just tell the chatbot whom you are buying the item for. Example: I'd like to buy a blue dress for my daughter

How can I reach customer service?

On the Messenger's menu (3 lines on the bottom-left) click "Customer service". Now any message you write will be read by customer service. To return to shopping click "Go shopping" on the menu.

FAQ for brands and retailers

How do I report a problem?

In click the image circle on the right side of the menu and choose "contact support"

How can I test the chatbot before all my customers can use it?

mmuze chatbot allows for a "test mode". In this mode the chatbot is available only to those who have roles on your Facebook page.

  1. Go to your facebook page and assign roles to the people you want to test the chatbot.
  2. In click the image circle in the right side of the menu and choose "general settings". In the "general settings" page change "available to all" to "NO"
  3. When you finish testing, change "available to all" back to "YES"

I have updated my store’s greeting in the store settings and it’s not displayed. What should I do?

Set and edit your greeting in your Facebook Page’s Message Settings.

Which messaging platforms are supported?

Facebook Messenger. More platforms will be supported soon

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